Cambridge Fire Research

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Information for Client's, Staff and/or Contractors working on site

Version 2 (issued 24th May 2022)

Cambridge Fire Research Limited (CFR) takes its responsibilities in respect of the health and safety of its employees seriously and undertakes suitable training and, where appropriate, certification of its personnel.

With regard to visiting Client and / or Contractor Companies' personnel working on our site The CFR adopts the overriding principle that it expects those visiting Companies to ensure that their personnel are fully trained in all aspects of Health and Safety appropriate to their particular trade or profession and work that will be undertaken on our site and that such personnel take appropriate measures to ensure their own and others safety whilst working on our site. It is expected that the Client or Contractor will have risk assessed the work they intend to carry out.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) will be required for any work being conducted by competent, trained and qualified client or contractor employees of the visiting company. Clients or Contractors must ensure that they possess appropriate tools, equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment, to complete the task, and ensure that it meets all Health and Safety requirements.

It will be the responsibility of the Client or Contractor to ensure that someone from the visiting group, where there is more than one person, is appointed as a Group Leader for the purposes of dealing with their staff in the event of an emergency such as a Fire.

CFR requires Client and Contractor Companies to ensure that their personnel have been provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for use on site and that their personnel have been trained in the use of such equipment.

All visitors must sign in at reception on arrival to site and out when leaving.

First Aid

CFR has a fully trained first aider and general first equipment and supplies on site and these are available for use by External Personnel if necessary. The provision of first aid by our trained person is at that person's discretion and will depend on the circumstances at the time of any incident. Should we not have a first aid person on site for reasons of absence we will notify you before your visit commences.

In the event of an incident requiring first aid an Accident Report Form will be completed and a copy passed to the Client or Contractor.

Accidents, incidents or near misses shall be reported to the Head of Testing or Chief Technical Engineer.

Fire Emergency

In the event of a fire please follow the fire instruction posted in the main reception, Fire Marshals will direct you to the nearest exit and meeting point.


Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

Dangerous Substances

It is the responsibility of the Client or Contractor to notify CFR if its personnel will be bringing on to our site any substance which falls within the current C.O.S.H.H. Regulations. Where it is necessary to bring on to site such substances the CFR Head of Testing must be informed at least seven days prior to the visit and a valid Health and Safety Data Sheet in respect of any such substance made available.

Lifting Operations

The Client or Contractor will not be permitted to operate CFR's overhead gantry crane. The client or contractor may request lifting operations to be carried out by trained CFR personnel.

If the Client or Contractor wishes to utilise their own lifting equipment/ accessories (e.g. glass vacuum suction lifting frame) then this will be at the discretion of CFR personnel and subject to sight of a current LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) thorough examination report.

During lifting operations anyone present is expected to wear steel toe capped shoes/boots and a hard hat as a minimum (CFR can provide a limited number of hard hats).